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Delivering business intelligence tools for Defence

VDA member Noventus Pty Ltd has successfully developed and delivered Business Intelligence (BI) capability to the Australian Department of Defence.

This capability will assist Defence to effectively reconcile inconsistencies in stock holdings between the new SAP based ‘Warehouse Management System’ (WMS) and Defence’s legacy ‘Military Integrated Logistics Information System’ (MILIS).

The web tool was developed as part of the WMS rollout program implemented in the Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Data Warehouse (CAS DW).

The web tool is one of several BI Data Warehouse based projects being undertaken by the Noventus team.

Noventus’ Managing Director Keith Armstrong commented:

“It is very exciting to be developing specific Business Intelligence capability for Defence. Our ability to develop bespoke systems integration and software solutions utilising Defence’s existing enterprise tools, and to use these to solve complex problems using the Data Warehouse represents real growth for Noventus. More importantly, our Laverton based team is closely aligned to our customers and their insight is adding significant value for Defence.”