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ICN Regional Opportunities Showcase - Bendigo and Loddon Mallee

On Tuesday 30th of July, the ADA and VDA were present at ICN's Regional Opportunities Showcase in Bendigo. This was a great opportunity to get a feel for present and future projects that require partnerships from the Victorian SME Community.


Participants received information on a range of projects which Bendigo city council and surrounding areas are embarking on and opportunities for SMEs to get involved. Speakers representing the following projects gave a brief summary of their projects and how local businesses can be involved before a Q&A session.

  • Bendigo - Echuca Line upgrade
  • Bendigo Law Courts Development Program
  • Local Jobs First
  • Bendigo TAFE
  • Bendigo GovHub

Presentation slides from the event give a detailed account of the various projects, how they will engage local businesses, and timelines and can be accessed by clicking here.