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Land Systems Opportunities list

The Land Systems Alliance Committee has developed the following list of opportunities for information of companies in Victoria considering winning and delivering support to Defence. 


This Table has been produced by your Committee and reflects our view on the likely future opportunities for industry in Victoria to participate in the delivery of ADF land systems projects and the subsequent equipment sustainment and upgrade. The Table includes projects announced in the 2020 Force Structure Review.

Please note that the information in the Table reflects the views of your Committee and should be treated as a guide only – it is not a document that has been endorsed by any external agency. We would welcome feedback from you as to its value. If you have information that can add value to the Opportunity table then please send it in as well as raising any areas where information is incorrect.

 Members or new companies are encouraged to discuss these projects with Committee members for further information or support. To gain further knowledge of the spreadsheet below, please login.


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Project Number / Short Title Project Title Project Description
LAND 75 PH 3 Battle Management System Provides a digital command and control support system to enable timely and quality decision making in the tactical environment.
LAND 75 PH 4 Weapon Integration BMSs Provides equipment for two motorised Infantry Battle Groups
JP 2060 PH 3 Deployable Health Capability Acquisition and support of a modern deployable health capability for the ADF. Includes all necessary medical and dental equipment and consumables.
JP 2060 PH 4 ICT Health Systems Provides a Health Knowledge Management System for the ADF. The system will be based on a commercial IT application and captures health data, and manages that data across the ADF health continuum - including for deployed forces.
N/A Munitions and Explosives Supply Existing contract with Thales extended. NIOA approved to establish facilities at Benalla
LAND 159 and LAND 4108 LAND 159 and LAND 4108 are linked and called the 'Lethality Program' The Lethality System Project (LAND 159) will equip the ADF with next-generation weapon systems, surveillance and target acquisitions ancillaries, ammunitions, facilities and training and support systems. The Lethality System will ensure ADF ground combatants maintain a capability advantage over potential adversaries to beyond 2030, and will be delivered in three Tranches (Table 1) summarised as follows:

Tranche 1 includes the Sniper System and the Close Combat System (comprising fighting knife, pistols, shotgun and the assault breaching system) and is due for Government consideration early 2022;
Tranche 2 includes the Close Combatant Assault Rifle, Machine Guns, Direct Fire Support Weapons and Grenades and is due for Government consideration in FY2024/25; and,
Tranche 3 includes enhanced munitions and emergent weapon systems and is due for Government consideration in FY2026/27.
LAND 121 PH 4 Protected Mobility Vehicle Acquisition of 1100 Protected Mobility Vehicles (Light) and associated trailers
Land 121 PH 3B Replacement Heavy and Medium Trucks Acquisition of 2707 medium and heavy trucks, 3858 modules and 1753 trailers. Trucks. Additional vehicles and equipment being sourced through LAND 121 PH 5B
Land 121 PH 5B New generation Medium/Heavy Vehicles Modules and Trailers Acquisition of additional 1044 medium and heavy trucks, 872 modules and 812 trailers. Provides the same fleet of vehicles as LAND 121 PH3B.
LAND 400 PH 3 Armoured Vehicles – Infantry Fighting Vehicle Acquisition of up to 450 Infantry Fighting Vehicles and 17 Manoeuvre Support Vehicles
LAND 400 PH2 Armoured Vehicles – Combat Reconnaissance Vehicle Acquisition of 211 Combat Reconnaissance Vehicles
N/A Bushmaster Refurbishment and Upgrade Project Acquisition of additional Bushmaster Vehicles and the refurbishment and upgrade of existing fleet
 JP 154 PH 2 and PH 3 Joint Counter Improvised Explosive Device (IED) Program Acquisition includes a Weapons Laboratory, Route Clearance Systems and IED Equipment
LAND 125  Integrated Soldier Systems Ongoing acquisition of advanced gear and equipment to meet modern combat requirements and advanced features such as decreased detectability, enhanced protection and improved survivability
LAND 1508 Special Operations Enhancement and Development Program - Greyfin Acquisition of equipment and systems for use by Special Forces
LAND 555 PH 6  Tranche 1 EW Operations Support Acquisition of EW operations and support for land forces
LAND 555 PH 6 Tranche 2 EW Systems Acquisition of man portable and force level EW systems. Includes fitting of EW systems to Bushmaster vehicles
LAND 53 PH 2 Night Fighting Equipment Replacement Program Supply and support of night fighting technology that will augment, supplement and/or enhance the night fighting capability being delivered under LAND 53 PH 1 Tranche 1 
LAND 8160  PH 1  Combat Engineering Vehicles Acquisition of new armoured engineering capability with assault breaching, armoured bridge launching, armoured engineering and armoured recovery capabilities. Linked to LAND 907 PH 2 (Main Battle Tank Upgrade)
LAND 907 PH2 M1 Main Battle Tank Upgrade Delivery of enhancements in knowledge, lethality, mobility, survivability and sustainability of the Abrams Main Battle Tank by upgrade to M1A2 configuration and incorporation of Australian BMS. Linked to LAND 8160 PH1 - Combat Engineering Vehicles
LAND 17 Artillery Ammunition Artillery Systems and Ammunition - self-propelled gun - Gun has been bought procurement of ammunition - ammunition supply chain linked to LAND 2085
LAND 8116 Protected Mobile Fires (Self Propelled Howitzer) Acquisition of Self Propelled Gun Systems to equip 2 Regiments
LAND 2110 PH 1B  Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear Defence Program. Deployable Counter CBRNE Capability Provides new and upgraded facilities at 14 sites in Australia to support the training of personnel against exposure to toxic materials and Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Weapons
LAND 3025 PH 2 Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear Defence Program. Deployable Counter CBRNE Capability A prime vendor contract for 5 years from 2020, to acquire and support a range of C-CBRNE products 
LAND 8120 PH 1 Engineer Support Platforms Acquisition of a range of earth moving and material handling equipment engineer support platforms
LAND 8140 Deployable Force Infrastructure Acquisition of deployable sanitation, catering, water management and treatment, shelters and power generation.
LAND 8190 Deployable Bulk Fuel Distribution Acquisition of a modern integrated deployable bulk fuel capability for the distribution, storage and supply of bulk fuel to support a deployed joint force.
LAND 1771 Tranche 1 Geospatial Support for Land Forces Acquisition of a modernised Geospatial Support System for the joint land force, capable of collecting, managing and analysing and disseminating geospatial data and imagery
JP 2072 PH 3 Battlespace Communication System - Land Acquisition of a digital communications backbone for land based elements of the ADF and their enabling elements. Links to LAND 75 PH 4.
N/A  Battlefield Command Systems Acquisition of the entire battlefield command eco system that will see systems acquired beyond those planned for LAND 200
N/A Battlefield Communications Acquisition of technologically advanced, networked and integrated systems to support joint and coalition operations
N/A Non Combat Clothing Ongoing supply of non-combat clothing to the ADF
N/A Combat Clothing Ongoing supply of combat clothing to the ADF
N/A Replacement for MIA2 Abrams MBT Life of Type for Abrams M1A2 is 2035 but work on the replacement will commence before then.
N/A Autonomous Vehicles Still at the conceptual and pre-requirements stage
N/A Diggerworks - Soldier Systems Supply of soldier combat and support systems to meet developmental and urgent operational requirements.
LAND 8113 Long Range Rocket and Missile Systems Acquisition of  long-range artillery and missile systems to equip a Battery (6 systems). Likely to be a later Phase with a follow on purchase of systems to equip a full Regiment (3X Battery)