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Open Welding

7 Clapham Road, Hughesdale, Victoria 3166

Legal Name: Icarus Learning

ABN: 14625128690

Tel: +61 (0) 403 051 180


Primary Contact

Malcolm Rigby,Technical Director


Mobile: +61 (0) 403 051 180


  • Deliver a platform to measure weld compliance in a supply chain
  • 100% measurement of desired welds and report compliance in real time or from captured data
  • Non subjective, measure of welding workforce to deliver against selected welds
  • Industry based training for new hires or up-skill workforce capability


  • Digitised welding arc signatures from live audio emissions
  • Create portability of welding signatures
  • Scientific analysis of weld quality in real time or historical

Key Partners

  • UTS
  • Bombardier Transport
  • ABB
  • Lincoln Electric

Key Customers

  • TRJ Engineering
  • Air Radiators
  • DaRa Switchboards
  • Hilton Manufacturing

Quality Approvals & Awards

  • 2017 ARC Grant for welding acoustic research
  • Deliver to ISO AS/NZ and AWS welding standards
  • Welding Aust committee member for ISO9696


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Victorian Government