Zone Advanced Protection Systems

Unit 516/24 Barkly Place, Carlton, VIC 3053

Legal Name: Zone Products Australia


Tel: +61 2 9634 9700


Primary Contact

Mal Fraser-Clay,Managing Director

Tel: +61 2 9634 9700



  • Scalable C2 Command and Control platform Arbitor - leading edge PSIM.
  • Leading edge drone detection, identification and neutralisation platform.
  • Capability to combine the visual and and functional outputs of the sub-systems it integrates into one common OP.
  • Enhanced situational awareness and capability to respond faster and more effectively.
  • Arbitor can initiate actions, alert operations, display information visually and log every action taken.
  • Is agnostic to the devices it integrates (built on open architecture).
  • Capable of 1 million transactions (access control, CCTV, Radar, etc) per 24hours.
  • Provides operational benefits greater than the sum of the systems it integrates.


  • World leading integrated high security portal.
  • Clear differentiator, providing “end to end” technology solution by way of implementing a single head-end GUI.
  • The hardened system, built for internal and external intrusion meets military grade of system integrity.
  • Global supply chain and network.
  • 30 years of experience in Defense industry
  • Modular design, capability to operate off-line, filter out older events.
  • Arbitor supports multiple map providers and can operate with several VMS’es simultaneously.
  • Unique offering for drone detection, identification and neutralisation.

Key Partners

  • Raytheon
  • BAE

Key Customers

  • Australian government
  • Australian defence bases

Quality Approvals & Awards

  • In the process of being certified ISO9001:2015
  • Finalist of Western Sydney business awards ’16
  • Finalist of Land defense Australia awards ’16